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Uniform Policy

Uniform Code

When students wear their uniforms it must be worn properly at all times. Whenever in uniform and at co-curricular and school related activities, students are ambassadors of Notre Dame High School and must comply with the school rules set forth by the administration. Uniform must be purchased at International Royal Bics.

Daily uniform

The girls’ uniform consists of a royal blue neatly ironed NDHS skirt that must be at mid-knee length. Skirts must be worn at waist level. The neatly ironed white three-quarter-sleeve tailored-shirt and blue tie complement the skirt. Socks are solid white and not worn higher than mid-calf. Shoes must be closed back and solid white ankle length.

The boys’ uniform consists of a neatly ironed blue buttoned-down collar shirt with the Notre Dame emblem embroidered on the pocket. The neatly ironed NDHS pants or shorts are navy blue with the “ND” embroidered on the belt loop. Shorts or slacks must be worn at the waist and be an appropriate size for the body type. A belt must secure the shorts or slacks. Solid dark colored shoes with same colored laces properly tied may be worn. Socks must be visibly solid black, navy blue, or white; they should be worn no higher than mid-calf. Undershirts must be a solid dark color or white.

Dress Uniform

Full dress uniform, skirts for girls and slacks for boys, may be required on certain days as announced.

Physical Education Uniform

The Physical Education uniform consists of a Notre Dame High School P.E. t-shirt that can be purchased from the school’s Business Office. This P.E. shirt serves as the uniform for the class and is to be worn with solid colored shorts that do not measure above the student’s mid-thigh and must be an appropriate size for the body type. Athletic shoes are to be worn.


Students are occasionally allowed to come to school in casual clothing; however, there are restrictions for such casual wear:

  • Beach type clothing is not permitted. This includes clothing that reveals the back, midriff, or bare shoulders.
  • Halter tops, cut-offs, tank tops, miniskirts, short shorts, spaghetti strap tops, and excessively tight or revealing clothing are unacceptable.
  • Zories, slippers, open-heeled footwear, or open-toed footwear is not permitted.

The administration reserves the right to determine what non-uniform dress is acceptable. Violators of the dress code will not participate in any future casual days. The out-of-uniform dress code also applies to any semi-formal event that is sanctioned by the school. Such events include, but are not limited to prom or dances that are held off-campus. The advisors of the events provide dress codes for these events.

Only Notre Dame sweaters sold through the school office or Royal Bics may be worn with the uniform.

Hair must be clean and properly groomed. Hair color should be the original/natural color. Hair color(s) and style(s) that are distracting are not allowed. Boy’s hair must be uniform in length.

Students may wear one set of simple earrings at the earlobe. Brow, nose, lip, and tongue rings are not permitted. Jewelry should be kept to a minimum and not distracting. Expensive and heirloom jewelry should be left at home to avoid loss or theft. Hats, caps, sunglasses and other accessories are not permitted. Any clothing or jewelry that displays or promotes gang related or obscene symbols, endorses any alcohol, tobacco, drug, or restricted substance, or contains a message inappropriate to the Catholic identity of the school is not allowed.